Umair Haque is a Dangerous, Freedom-Hating Political Hack

Kevin McElroy
5 min readOct 13, 2020
Haque, pictured in his tough-guy cosplay, fooling no one

If you’ve been on Medium for any period of time, you’ve probably been sucked in by one of Umair Haque’s tabloid headlines. It’s all fire and brimstone. America is on fire. Your water is poison. The trees are fascist. Your neighbor who goes to church during Covid is a war criminal. You are racist. The air you breathe is a capitalist plot, etc.

As a copywriter by trade, I’m familiar with the tricks and stunts that Umair sprinkles into his posts. I can see through the matrix code and peer into the pure narrative he’s constructed.

His politics might at first seem obvious: he’s a left leaning agitator, fighting for the little guy.

But when you peel back just one layer of the onion… and pay a little closer attention to what he says and more notably, what he DOESN’T say, you begin to realize he’s at best a DNC loyalist and at worst, a conniving one-world-government NGO shill.

First, he NEVER critiques anyone in the Democrat party. All of his doom and gloom, and somehow the party that has power in this country at least half the time takes no credit or blame. Democrat-run California is literally burning but he doesn’t have an unkind word to say about anyone in the party.

Pretty weird!