A Simple Observation: COVID-19 Came from the Wuhan Lab

Kevin McElroy
4 min readDec 2, 2020
The only lab in China that researches coronaviruses: Wuhan Lab

The worst pandemic in a century is still ongoing. Its origin is still not completely understood by the public. People are still dying. The global economy is on the brink of a major collapse. There’s a lot at stake!

But we’re not completely in the dark. Consider this simple exercise:

You have to pick one of the two (or both, but not neither) of the following statements as true:

  1. A modern city of 9 million people (the size of NYC) is full of dirty, trash-meat eating Chinese people who don’t know or don’t care to avoid spreading disease in their markets.
  2. The Chinese Communist Party accidentally released a virus from the ONLY viral lab in the entire country that was working with coronaviruses, and then they lied about it.

One of these statements seems a bit xenophobic, a touch racist and very convenient for the CCP, but also highly unlikely.

The other statement is highly likely, not at all racist, very inconvenient for the CCP and quite in character for a Chinese state known for disinformation, propaganda and hostility to the free-press.

But for some reason, the first statement is not at all controversial, while the second statement is highly controversial. The first statement is splattered all over the mainstream media, supported by narrative managers the world around and broadly accepted by the public.

The second statement? Post anything like it on social media or on a news site comment field and it will probably be removed for breaking “community guidelines” or “terms of service” or some other euphemism for narrative control from the world’s most powerful media sites.

Why do I say the second statement is highly likely? Well, again consider some of the facts as best we know them… and keep in mind the CCP are being uncooperative so there’s no certainty here. Transparency would make this task easier, but transparency only helps the CCP if the virus didn’t come from the lab. So… you should ask the CCP why they’re not being transparent.

But the facts we do know:

  1. The Wuhan lab is the only lab in all of China that was working with this type of virus.